Here are some photos I created for El Paso Architect firm MNK Architects. They asked me to create some photos of Marguerite J Lundy Elementary School that they could use in their portfolio.

The assignment included daytime and dusk exteriors as well as daytime interiors.

Exterior Photographs

There are several features about this school that make it unique. One is the mountainside setting. The exterior photographs were composed to capture the view of the valley below as well as the mountain peaks above.

exterior panoramic dusk

The school sits next to an arroyo that was landscaped to maintain its purpose, but allow access to the school. One interesting component of this approach is the pedestrian bridge shown below.

Lundy School campus in El Paso

Shots were carefully timed to provide the best scenes in the right light. The shots above were taken at the end of the day. The shots below were taken in the morning.

Daytime exterior - Lundy School

architectural detail photographer in el paso texas

Interior Photographs

Because the photos were taken during the school year, the interior sessions were carefully coordinated with school administrators to be completed with the least amount of disruption to daily operations as possible.

interior school photographer

To minimize the impact of the shoot on school operations, all photos were captured using only available light. Where necessary, multiple exposures were captured and merged to create photos that didn’t have overly dark or bright areas.

el paso architectural photographer

construction project photography for Lundy school

At the request of the architect, I made significant efforts to create photos that included the visually interesting tile work throughout the school.

creative architectural photographer

The photo above was taken from a very low perspective to emphasize the floor.

Extreme low perspective for architecture shoot

creative architectural interior photography

In addition to low perspectives, the Nikkor 24mm PC-E lens allowed me to take photos like the one below – high viewpoint with low field of view.

school photographer

interior kitchen photographer

Finally, I was able to use the shifting function of that lens to create stitched panoramas in both vertical and horizontal orientation. This was very useful in the gym.

photography for architect's portfolio

technical interior photogrpaher