Casa Wheeling is a home built and decorated using unconventional materials. A large portion of the building materials and most of the interior furnishings and decorations were created using recycled and reclaimed materials. The home was recently featured in The Art Avenue Magazine. Read more about Casa Wheeling.

I was brought in to capture some detail photographs of various furnishings and decorations for use in the November/December issue. Here are a few samples from the shoot.

antique doors hung on rails

Two antique wood doors are hung on metal rails to separate the den from the kitchen area.

work desk converted into dining table

An old drafting table was repurposed to act as a dining table.

detail of dining room table

light fixture created from car air filters

Automotive air filters were used to create this unique light fixture that hangs above the dining table.

coffee table made from automotive springs

Automotive springs support the glass top of the coffee table.

colorful artwork created from recycled materials

Colorful artwork is created using recycled fabric.

chair made from cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes were carefully cut and shaped into a chair.

sculpture made from car parts

Outside, a sculpture made from car parts sits in a patio paved with reclaimed bricks.

mailboxes made from tin cans

The mailboxes are made from tin cans and silverware.