I recently completed shooting a unique custom home located in West El Paso. Below are some of the final images that were delivered to the client.

exterior architecture photography for custom home builder

The exterior of the home has many rustic features including the stone front porch with reclaimed brick and recycled wood beams above the windows and garage door.

exterior photographer for custom home builder

The materials used throughout this home are rich in texture and dimension. I made use of some strategically placed flashes to accent the details present in the doors and 3-D wall in the entry way as seen below.

quality home photographer

rustic entry way on custom home

Because the home was professionally staged, I made sure to get some detail shots of the furnishings and decorations.

photographer for interior design

The interior is very modern – a huge contrast from the exterior.

photographer of interior spaces

custom kitchen photography

Custom Kitchen Photographer in El Paso

I really liked the contrast between the colorful tile backsplash and the chrome faucet. Below is a detail shot of the faucet and sink area.

Photographer for Custom Kitchens

custom living room photographer

I made sure to get shots that showed the transitions between spaces.

photographer of interior spaces

For the photo above I used a a relatively long focal length (85mm) to allow me to shoot from a distant viewpoint and take advantage of the scene compression that results. Here is  a view looking back at the camera from inside the bedroom.

view of camera in interior architecture photo shoot

professional architecture photography

The master bathroom was full of small details that made it fun to photograph. For the image below I used four off camera flashes to light dark areas and also add a subtle hint of simulated sunlight falling across the backsplash. The angle of the light also creates small highlights and shadows on the sides of the rocks, adding to the perception of depth.

interior architecture photographer in el paso

For this detail shot showing the tub and shower entry I placed a flash in the shower stall, one behind the camera to light the room, and another high and left of the camera (with a colored filter) to create the illusion of sunlight flowing in across the rock backsplash.

custom bathroom photographer in el paso

The back patio features an outdoor fireplace under a rustic porch with reclaimed antique wood beams. The photo below was taken using a perspective control (tilt/shift) lens at near maximum tilt. This allowed me to maintain a low perspective to show the beams while including the top of the chimney.

el paso architectural photographer

architectural photographer in el paso texas