Here are some of my favorite images from an architectural photo shoot I recently completed in Tempe, Arizona.

My goal was to capture a variety of views of the building throughout different lighting conditions.

Creative Architecture Photography - Encore on Farmer

Quality Architectural Photographer

As I mentioned in another post, my collection of Nikon PC-E (Tilt/Shift) lenses came in really handy on this project.

Technical Architecture Photographer - Encore on Farmer

I also made sure to photograph tighter scenes that give the viewer a first person perspective of the view from street level.

Exterior Architectural Photographer - Encore on Farmer

Almost every building looks better under dusk or dawn lighting conditions. This one is no exception.

Dusk Exterior Architectural Photographer

In this case, however, the exterior sign lighting didn’t come on until the ambient lighting was far too dark. This situation made it necessary for me to return before sunrise the next day to capture a few photos like the one below.

Dawn Architectural Photographer