This session served two purposes. The first was to provide the client with quality photos of their newly constructed branch in Horizon City, Texas. The second was to document the space showing the photo prints that they purchased from my library of El Paso images.

Exterior business photographer

Exterior building photographer

GECU is doing some great things with the design of their branches. The spaces are very well designed with modern touches such as exposed duct work, stained and glazed concrete floors, as well as a pleasing color scheme.

GECU Eastlake Branch

GECU Eastlake Branch

These new branches also feature many of my photos printed on canvas.

GECU Eastlake Branch

Interior office photographer in El Paso

The modern decorations are not just for show. They support the extensive use of modern technology for the complete spectrum of tasks you typically perform at a branch office.

Interior design photographer

Interior spaces photography

GECU Eastlake Branch

Interior construction photography