The Digital History Wall at the El Paso Museum is a set of touch sensitive digital screens that allow the visitors to browse a library of photos and other media that make up El Paso’s history. The wall is housed within a plaza that protects it from harsh weather and also provides a pleasant visual environment.

I was hired by the architect to photograph the wall and the plaza.

el paso museum of history

The plaza was designed to fit with the existing structure and also add a modern touch.

el paso museum of history

digital history museum

The reflective surface on the colored glass art proved difficult to photograph. I used a circular polarizer for many photos in an effort to reduce unwanted reflections. Here is a comparison showing a photo with and without the polarizer.

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The high dynamic range between the area in the shade and the outside required a few camera and digital tricks to overcome.

el paso photographer


Fast moving clouds always present an opportunity for some interesting long exposure photos. The photo below represents about 3 minutes of exposure. A Lee Big Stopper 10-stop neutral density filter was used to allow for the long exposure.

el paso history museum

As the sun sets the lighting scheme makes the area look very interesting.

photo of el paso digital wall

Digital wall in El Paso

el paso museum of history

el paso digital wall

Once again, there were dynamic range challenges. This time, it was the signs and digital screens that were too bright. A few extra exposures and some digital blending gave good results.

el paso photographer