West Texas and Southern New Mexico are currently experiencing a surge in new hotel construction due to an increase in demand for oil field workers. Carlsbad, New Mexico is one of the cities that is experiencing this boom. I recently photographed a new hotel for the builder. Here are a few of my favorite images from that project.

Every hotel needs a quality dusk exterior shot. This is the one that will get the attention of potential guests on all the travel sites.

New Mexico and Texas Hotel Photographer

A good daytime shot is also good to have. Elevated exteriors like the photo below provide a slightly different perspective on the property.

Hotel Photographer in New Mexico

A few good photos of the lobby will speak volumes to potential guests.

Professional hotel Photography

Hotel Photographer

The breakfast area below was a challenge to shoot due to the huge windows along one side. Several tricks were used to achieve the final result you see.

Professional Hotel Photographer

Well-lit guest rooms are essential to the value of the photos.

professional hotel photographer

Other amenities such as the fitness center and pool help guests learn more about what the property has to offer.

Hospitality Photography