The recently remodeled Country Inn and Suites needed some new photos to showcase its updated look.

As with previous hotel photography projects, exteriors taken at dusk do a great job showcasing the property.

el paso hotel photographer

A welcoming lobby shot is a must for any hotel.

Hotel photographer el paso

The large windows in this lobby required significant effort to properly expose the interior while maintaining a view to the outside. The photo below is the result of multiple exposures lit with a handheld flash and blended in post processing.

el paso professional photographer

el paso interior photographer

In addition to photos of spaces I captured some closer detail images of features such as the hot breakfast buffet.

interior photographer in el paso

The photo of the bar area was taken in the middle of the day. A few techniques were employed to cut back on the amount of daylight influencing the scene and produce a more cosy, evening feeling.

hotel interior photography

el paso hotel food photographer

The pool was photographed in daylight and at dusk. The dusk shot is my favorite.

Quality hotel photography

No hotel photography project would be complete without a photo of a guest room.

hospitality photography

A few aerial photos were shot to show the size and layout of the hotel.

aerial photographer in el paso

aerial photography