Photographing well designed spaces is always a pleasure. That’s why I really enjoy shooting the work of G.O. Designs. This project involved an awesome backyard in El Paso.

El Paso Professional Photographer

The project included capturing the permanent features as well as the flourishing plants. Most of the daytime photos focused on the plants.

flowers in backyard landscape

When possible I tried to include some background elements that would show the viewer that the plants were part of a larger scene. I carefully included the seating area as a background in the photo below.

landscape photographer in el paso

Once the sun set the scene came alive. The landscape lighting and the fire pit really added some dramatic elements.

Professional Architecture Photographer

As it got darker it was impossible to capture the full scene without adding some supplemental lighting. The photos below were lit using the same technique I use in most of my interiors photography, especially hotel photography.

el paso architectural photographer

architectural photographer in el paso