The Fall 2015 edition of The City Spaces Magazine includes two articles featuring my photography.

The first is a feature about an outdoor living space. Here are some of my favorite photos from that project.

Outdoor Living Space Photography

I took the opportunity of this shoot to try some new equipment and techniques. This proved challenging and rewarding.

El Paso Professional Photographer

Normally I use lenses in the 24mm to 45mm range for shoots like these. The photo below is a rare exception. Because there was plenty of space to work with I was able to use a 210mm lens to create this image. However, the camera I was using is a PhaseOne medium format system, so the equivalent focal length is about 140mm in standard terms – which is still quite long for a shoot like this.

Professional Outdoor Photographer

Creative El Paso Photographer

Exterior Photographer

El Paso Photographer

El Paso Architectural Photographer