Oishii is El Paso’s newest Sushi restaurant. It is located in downtown El Paso right next to the Plaza Theatre. I was brought in to take some photos of the restaurant and a few of its menu items for use in advertising. There was only one issue – the restaurant was still under construction.

Just to set the stage, here is what it looked like when I arrived on the day of the shoot:

Within a few short hours we were able to create this:

Restaurant photographer in El Paso

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the photo, but right past the edges was a chaotic mess of construction supplies and equipment.

While I waited for the construction to finish I photographed several dishes.

Food Photographer in El Paso

El Paso Food Photographer

Food Photography

I was limited to only one usable view of the restaurant so the only other shot I could get that evening was a variation of the first one.

2016-01-11 - OISHII28917