I was recently contacted by an interior design firm located on the east coast regarding a project they had completed in El Paso. We booked a full day shoot to capture the project for their portfolio. The designer and his assistant met me at the home so they could style the house and direct the shoot.

Here are some of my favorite images from this project.

Interior Design Photography

One difference you may notice is that all of these photos were taken without any of the interior lights turned on. This is a departure from my normal method of shooting that includes using all available interior lighting.

Interior Photographer

The goal was to capture the spaces as they appear naturally – with only natural ambient lighting.

Professional interior design photographer in El Paso

Still, I had to use a few flashes to overcome some of the differences in ambient light between spaces.

El Paso Interior Photographer

The session was shot with the camera connected to a laptop running CaptureOne. The designer was able to review each shot on an iPad.

Professional Interior Design Photographer in El Paso

The desire to capture the natural lighting is evident in the photo above more than any other. This bathroom benefits from an incredible amount of sunlight nearly all day long.

Interior Architecture Photographer in El Paso

Photography of Interiors

Interior Design Photographer in El Paso

Professional Residential Interior Photographer

Typically, I wouldn’t shoot with the sunlight flooding directly into a room as in the image below. However, in this case, the feel of the room was best captured when the natural light was filling it.

El Paso Interior Design Photographer