My Library of El Paso Stock Photos has recently been updated with a new set of photos of Franklin Mountains State Park.

The photos were taken in an area where I frequently hike. Each time I hiked through the area I found myself identifying scenes that I wanted to come back to photograph. I was able to make the trip one recent morning. Here are some images from that hike.

El Paso Franklin Mountains State Park

A little less than one mile from the start the terrain starts to change to include red rock features as seen on the left above.

The view to the right (north) is incredible. It’s difficult to show in this small on-screen format. The photo below is 150 megapixels and really needs to be seen large to be appreciated.

El Paso Landscape Photographer

As the trail continues more and more rock formations appear.

Desert Landscape Photographer

About 1 mile from the start the terrain is dominated by the red rock speckled with various types of desert plants.


Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park

Desert Landscape in El Paso Texas

These scenes can be experienced with a short 2-mile round trip hike from the Franklin Mountains State Park entrance in Northeast El Paso at the end of Jon Cunningham Boulevard.

Franklin Mountains State Park