The Welbrook Transitional rehabilitation hospital was recently completed in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The owner hired me to take some exterior, interior, and drone aerial photographs of the facility.

New Mexico Architectural Photographer

Interior architecture photographer

The building featured a lot of quality interior finishes you don’t normally see in a facility like this. It was a pleasure to photograph because of these elements.

Architectural Photographer in New Mexico

The dining room was a great example of this. It had huge windows that let a lot of natural light flood into the well designed space.

Architectural Photographer in Las Cruces

New Mexico Photographer

Architectural Photographer in Las Cruces

Las Cruces Architectural Photographer

The project included a few drone aerial photographs to show the entire facility and its location in Las Cruces. As a FAA licensed drone pilot, I was able to capture these photographs.

Aerial Photographer in Las Cruces

New Mexico Aerial Drone Photographer