The first few months of my schedule in 2018 was filled with shoots of Hotels throughout Texas. Here are some selected images from several of the Hampton Inn properties that I photographed.

Hotel Photography

Texas Hotel Photographer

Hospitality Photographer

My technique for interior photos of hotels involves using a few flashes to bring the interior lighting closer to the brightness of the light coming through the windows. This also helps keep the interior lamps from becoming large blobs of light.

Photography for Hotels

Additionally, I use a handheld flash to selectively light portions of the space and then I blend the images together in post processing to achieve the desired look.

Interior Photography for Hotels

Most images are captured using the Nikon 19mm PC-E lens. This lens provides a wide angle of view while allowing shift movements to keep the camera level and control the amount of ceiling and floor in the scene.

Hotel Photographer

Southwest Hotel Photographer

Hotel photography also requires understanding of and adherence to the established brand standards.

Hotel Photography in Texas

Interior Hotel Photographer

Texas Hotel Photography