Anson 11, an upscale restaurant in downtown El Paso needed updated photos of the formal dining room as well as a new space they call The Azul room. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to give my Phase One system a chance to flex its pixels. Below are some of my favorite photos from this shoot.

El Paso Restaurant Photographer

Restaurant Photographer in El Paso

El Paso Commercial Photographer

The superior depth of field rendering of the medium format system provides a pleasing roll off from focus to out of focus areas.

Additionally, the incredible 16-bit per channel color depth provides the best opportunity to capture the subtle color variations seen in The Azul Room in the photos below. Most of the details can’t even be observed in web the web versions of these files.

The Azul at Anson 11

The Azul at Anson 11

El Paso Medium Format Photographer