The builder of the recently completed atHome store in West El Paso needed photos of the finished project. I was hired to photograph the interior and exterior of the store. Here are some of my photos of this project.

Because the building is so large, I determined that it was best to create most of the exterior photos using a drone. As a licensed and insured done pilot in Texas, this was no problem.

El Paso Aerial Photography

Interior Architecture Photographer

The interior of the store had similar requirements. It was necessary to put the camera very high on my tripod so I could capture views beyond what was just in front of the camera.

El Paso Architectural Photographer

As I moved through the store the height required to produce the view I was looking for increased.

Professional Architectural Photographer in El Paso

Professional Architectural Photographer in El Paso

Architectural photography of store interior

Raising the camera this high would normally produce an image that either includes a large amount of ceiling or displays converging vertical lines. By using a specialized tilt-shift lens, I am able to maintain proper perspective while keeping the camera level at a high viewpoint.

interior photographer

interior architectural photographer