The Amigo Man is El Paso’s widely recognized ambassador of friendship. Here are some photos from a recent shoot with this local celebrity.

El Paso Commercial Photography

The primary purpose of this shoot was to capture the mascot in a variety of poses for the purpose of placing him on postcards from around the world.

Behind the Scenes at the Amigo Man shoot

To accomplish this care had to be taken to adjust the light to match the characteristics that were present in the background images. Shooting tethered to a laptop allowed me to overlay the images from the session on the appropriate background images in real time. This helped us adjust the lighting and composition of each photo as we were shooting.

Advertising Photographer in El Paso

The photo above is a great example. The final image would place the Amigo Man in the Egyptian desert with the sun setting over his shoulder. To match this lighting a gelled strobe was placed behind and to the left of the subject.

Amigo Man at Christmas

We also had a few shots that required props like the photo above.

El Paso's Amigo Man

While we were at it, we captured a variety of poses that could be used in future materials.