The Fall 2017 issue of The City Spaces Magazine includes some photos I took of a unique west El Paso home. This shoot represented my second trip to this property. I had previously photographed the exterior for the Fall 2015 issue of The City Spaces. During the first shoot I opted to use my Phase One medium format system so I thought it would be fitting to do the same for the interior shoot on my second trip. This time, however, I selected the Cambo technical camera body instead of the Phase One body.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this shoot.

el paso medium format photographer

el paso medium format photography

medium format photographer in el paso

Here is a quick behind the scenes look at the camera system used for this shoot:

The system requires a much slower pace than I usually keep. All shots are reviewed on the connected laptop and necessary adjustments are made. Additionally, the lower base ISO and effectively shallower DOF require more supplemental lighting than I would normally need. The results, however, are significantly better – especially when color and tone transitions are evaluated.

el paso phase one photographer

The Cambo system allows me to shift the lens relative to the digital back much like I do with my Nikon PC lenses. This gives me the ability to shoot a photo like the one above which has a higher perspective yet still shows the floor in front of the table – all while keeping the camera level.

el paso interior photographer

interior design photographer in el paso

medium format photography in el paso

el paso medium format photography